Earth Science


Rockin’ Geology
Discover the science behind the powerful forces that shape our landscape. What causes the ground to shift and shake? Why do volcanoes erupt? Study clues to the history of our landscape as we explore how the Earth changes above and below ground through time. Using the Cascade Mountains as a guide, students will experience a variety of different geologic processes through dramatic experiments and eye-popping demonstrations.

Wild Weather
Have you ever seen a tornado, hurricane or blizzard? How do thunderstorms form? Through hands-on experiments, learn about the ingredients needed to create large storms. Make a cloud and learn how lightning is formed. Use ping pong balls and wind bags to explore high and low pressure systems. This class is geared toward K-3rd grade.

How are streams formed? How long do weathering processes take? Students will develop a model of a stream and explore how landforms change over time. This class is geared toward 2nd grade.