Give a Membership

A Museum membership can be the perfect gift for a friend, family member or business associate to celebrate a birthday, holiday or any special occasion. They receive all the benefits of membership: free admission, invitations to special member-only events, discounts at the Museum store, reduction of excursion, class and workshop fees, and guest passes.
  1. To use your credit card: complete the form below. The High Desert Museum is happy to offer the use of PayPal to provide the option of online membership payments. PayPal keeps your bank and credit card details private from sellers and your financial information stays safe. Plus, you're protected 100% against unauthorized payments sent from your account. PayPal. Privacy is built in.
  2. To pay by phone: call 541-382-4754 ext. 244 with your credit card information
  3. To pay by check: complete the form below, print and mail in with your check. Or call 541-382-4754 ext. 244 and we'll be happy to mail you a form!