Physical Science


This class meets Next Generation Physical Science Standards for K–12th grade:

What’s the Matter?
With some messy experimentation and exciting trial and error, we’ll investigate different types of matter and how one transforms into another. Solid into liquid. Liquid into gas. And best of all, cream into ice cream! Working with household ingredients, students will learn about catalysts and reactions and make a tasty treat in the process. This class is geared toward K–12th grade. *There is an additional $15 materials fee.

Squirrels: An Introduction to Field Investigations
Students become scientists as they explore the habitat of the golden-mantled ground squirrel. Using field-based inquiry, students will build on their observation skills and learn how to identify animals and animal signs. Students will have fun searching for evidence, collecting and analyzing data and learning about natural history. This class is geared toward 2nd grade and is recommended to pair with the STEM Connect Biodiversity Kit.