Traveling Trunks


Trunks are a great way to extend the learning experience of the High Desert Museum and bring it back to the classroom.

These trunks are all-inclusive, curriculum-based learning units designed to enliven classroom learning through authentic materials and hands-on lessons. Each trunk contains artifacts about the topic and standards-based curriculum with background information. The following trunks are available:

Journey through the Water Cycle
Using games and hands-on activities, this kit guides the students through the water cycle, watersheds, erosion and deposition.

Skulls and Pelts of High Desert Animals
Use skulls and pelts to explore the adaptations of animals in the region.

Traveling the Trail
Through materials and artifacts, students explore the Oregon Trail.

Biomimicry: Nature Inspires Design
From helmets to safety barriers, animals inspire the design of safer equipment and materials. Using this kit, students investigate animal adaptations and create their own safety devices. The kit includes five skulls and consumable materials.

Cost: Two weeks for $25.

For more information or to reserve a Traveling Trunk, contact Erica Pelley at 541-382-4754 ext. 320 or contact us.