Backpack Explorers

 Preschool Learning Discovery

Please note: spring Backpack Explorer classes are now full. Call Marissa Ticus at 541-382-4754 ext. 329 or email her at to sign up for the wailtlist.  

Preschoolers ages 3-5 engage their senses on an adventure created just for them and an adult chaperone. Go on a backpack journey throughout the Museum, observe nature, animals, science, and create art. Take home activities based on your discoveries. New themes each week.

Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10:00 am - 11:00 am.
Museum members: $10 per child. Non-members: $15 per child, plus admission for accompanying adult.
Buy a 4-Class Pack and save $5.

Please note: Younger siblings are more than welcome to come along during the program. If younger siblings do plan on participating in the activities and using class materials, a $5 cost will be charged to the family to account for materials.

With support from Chambers Family Foundation.

March 15 and 16, sorry, both days are FULL.

Howling with the Wolves

Join the wolf pack and learn all about these wild dogs. There’s more to these creatures than huffing, puffing and blowing houses down.

March 22 and 23, sorry, both days are FULL.
Hoppin’ into Spring

Explore the “two lives” of toads and frogs, as these hoppers spend time in both water and on land. Find out which one is a faster swimmer and which is a higher jumper.

March 29 and 30


April 5 and 6, sorry, both days are FULL
Wildlife Defenders

Some wildlife species are threatened and endangered. Discover what animals need to survive and how we can help them.

April 12 and 13, sorry, both days are FULL

Nature’s Palette

Make a paintbrush from nature and paint a spring scene. The bright colors of spring will be our inspiration for artwork today.

April 19 and 20


April 26, sorry, FULL and 27, sorry, FULL

Nature sure can be yucky and stinky. We’ll look at the messy side of nature. Who eats dead things and who creeps around in the dirt? Be prepared for a stinky animal visitor!

May 3 and 4, sorry, both days are FULL
Rolling on the Railroads

All aboard! We’re traveling back to the year 1900. Marvel at the technologies of transportation as we roll on the wheels to an adventure.

May 10, sorry, FULL and 11, sorry, FULL
Wily Weasels

Learn all about the group of animals called mustelids: otters, badgers, weasels and more! Our resident otters can show off how these animals bound, jump and slide through nature.

May 17 and 18, sorry, both days are FULL
Tree Dwellers

What sorts of animals spend their days up in a tree? Let’s learn about how trees provide food and shelter for creatures big and small, pokey and fluffy.

May 24 and 25, sorry, both days are FULL
Buzzing and Blossoming

Spring is here and the pollinators are out! Explore how bees, butterflies and hummingbirds help take care of the forest.