Traveling Exhibits

Traveling Exhibitions

The High Desert Museum is proud to offer internally-curated exhibitions for lease to other Western history museums and organizations. For more information regarding any of our traveling exhibitions, please call Collection Manager and Exhibits Coordinator Sarah Baylinson at 541-382-4754 ext. 392.

Innovation Lab: Design Inspired by Nature

We are proud that this exhibit was picked up by Exhibits USA and the Mid-America Arts Alliance, traveling under the new title Nature’s Blueprint: Biomimicry in Art and Design. Learn more about how you can bring this dynamic exhibit to your institution.

Painting Oregon’s Harvest: The Art of Kathy Deggendorfer

Size: Approximately 40 framed works of art, including original watercolors and giclee prints, plus the artist’s sketchbooks, text panels and labels. 900 square feet or 140 linear feet.
Supplemental: 4.5 minute video of an interview with the artist, television monitor and educational resources.
Participation Fee: varies based on the organization’s annual operating budget.

Scat & Tracks:
Discover the Messages Animals Leave Behind

Size: 1,250-1,500 square feet.
Crates: 10
Participation Fee: $15,000 for a 12-week booking, plus shipping.

Sage Grouse: Icon of the Sagebrush Sea

Size: Approx. 1,800 square feet
Crates: 6, plus 12 large cardboard boxes for cases and vitrines.
Participation Fee: TBD