Collecting the Now

History is Happening Now

In one week, one year or 100 years from now, how will we remember this moment? Historians look to many sources to understand the past, including stories from those who lived through a significant period. Museums play an important role, collecting photos, objects and stories and keeping them safe so they can be shared with future generations.

We are gathering materials related to current events that shape life in the High Desert including:

– COVID-19
– Social protests and the fight for social justice

We are especially interested in items that are specific or unique to life in the High Desert. We seek to illuminate the ways that national and global events touch our region as well as our region’s place in broader communities.


We are interested in items that highlight the ways that the pandemic has shaped your life or represent your experience of the pandemic.

Items you might consider donating include:

       – A photo diary that chronicles your day-to-day life during COVID-19 and/or the ways your experience of the pandemic have changed since it began.
       – Objects that are emblematic of the pandemic. If it is an object that you are currently using, we would be interested in a photo so that we can follow up with you in the coming months. We certainly do not want to take out of circulation objects and equipment that are currently in use.
       – A written journal entry or letter.

Social protests and the fight for social justice

We are interested in items related to Black Lives Matter protests and protests regarding police brutality, immigrant detention and systemic racism.

Items you might consider donating include:

       – Protest signs, hand-painted t-shirts, posters or fliers
       – Masks with political messages or protective eyewear or clothing singed by pepper spray
       – Images, videos and/or audio files, as well as digital communications, such as email alerts or social media posts

We value your stories, perspectives and objects. We can’t guarantee that we’ll take every object that’s offered to us, but if you believe it’s worth preserving, please fill out this form to begin the donation process.