Daily Schedule

Fall Daily Schedule 

Natural History Walk
10:30 am

Join a naturalist for a short walk on Museum grounds to learn about the diverse habitats that support an abundance of plants and animals in the region. Starts in the Desertarium.

Golden eagle

Bird of Prey Encounter
11:00 am & 3:00 pm

Meet a non-releasable raptor in the Museum’s care. Learn about the unique adaptations of different raptors, their role in the environment and what you can do to ensure their future in the High Desert.

This is a first come, first seat event with doors closing promptly on the hour.

Carnivore Talk
12:00 pm

From wolves and cougars to bobcats and black bears, many predatory mammals call the High Desert home. Learn how to identify them and hear about their roles in the ecosystem.


Growing up otter

Otter Encounter
1:00 pm

Explore the role these charismatic animals play in riparian ecosystems of the High Desert. Where are otters found? What do they eat? How are they an indicator of a healthy river community?

At the Autzen Otter Exhibit

High Desert Hooves
2:00 pm

Mammals with hooves, such as mule deer and pronghorn, are some of the most iconic species in the High Desert. Find out how scientists study their migrations and manage challenging issue facing these populations.