Daily Schedule

Summer Daily Schedule

Please note, for programs hosted in the Birds of Prey Center, the pavilion doors will close promptly when either the room is full, or at the start of the program. Late admittance is not permitted.

High Desert Ranger Station
10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Weekends beginning May 28
Daily beginning July 1

Explore the role of the U.S. Forest Service in managing your National Forest System at this historic ranger station, from which a district forest ranger cared for the land and served the people for decades.

Natural History Walk
10:00 am
Starts in the Desertarium

Join a naturalist for a short walk on Museum grounds to learn about the diverse habitats that support an abundance of plants and animals in the region.

1904 High Desert Ranch and Sawmill 
10:30 am – 4:00 pm
Meet Central Oregonians of the past as they welcome you into interactive history. Explore how a family lived and supported itself in the High Desert. Help with the chores and play games!

Horses on the Range
10:30 am
In the Birds of Prey Center
There are an estimated 95,000 free-roaming horses throughout the West. Where did they come from, how are they managed and what impact do they have on High Desert ecosystems?

Otter Encounter
12:30 pm
At the Autzen Otter Exhibit
Explore the role these charismatic animals play in riparian ecosystems of the High Desert. Where are otters found? What do they eat? How are they an indicator of a healthy river community? 

High Desert Fish Tales
1:30 pm
At Cheney Pond gathering area, weather permitting.

Healthy populations of fish have sustained economies and ecosystems in the High Desert for thousands of years. Discover the surprising diversity of native fish, their importance to our communities and why we must work together to restore them to the landscape.

Wolves in the High Desert
2:00 pm
In the Birds of Prey Center
At one time the entire High Desert was habitat for the gray wolf. Exterminated in the 1900s, the apex predator is now staging a comeback. Learn about the biology of wolves, their role in natural ecosystems and the challenges communities are working to overcome as they return home.

Desert Dwellers*
3:00 pm
In the Birds of Prey Center

We share the High Desert with an amazing diversity of wildlife. Explore the adaptations that enable our wild neighbors to thrive while learning about their conservation from our animal ambassadors!

*A separate ticket is required to attend this program. There is no extra charge. Please ask at Admissions upon arrival.

Bird of Prey Encounter*
4:00 pm
In the Birds of Prey Center
Meet a nonreleasable raptor in the Museum’s care. Learn about the unique adaptations of different raptors, their role in the environment and what you can do to ensure their future in the High Desert. 

*A separate ticket is required to attend this program. There is no extra charge. Please ask at Admissions upon arrival.

Raptors of the Desert Sky
11:30 am

Be awed by the beauty and power of free-flying raptors during our outdoor program. Learn all about birds of prey as they soar overhead.

Purchase tickets at Admissions. A 15-minute walk from the Admissions Desk. The trail to the flight area may be difficult for strollers and wheelchairs. Weather permitting.

Although tickets must be purchased by 11:00 am, they often sell out by 10:00 am. Get here early to secure your seat!

Members, children and seniors $5
Nonmembers $7 plus admission

Ages 2 and younger are free