Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Our team of Museum educators are here to assist teachers and caregivers with engaging lessons for all ages. From natural history explorations to our famed Oregon Encounters, you’ll find many tools to expand horizons and keep the kids learning.

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Meeting the Sewells

An unsuspecting museum-goer finds himself transported back in time, coming face to face with resourceful settlers Columbus and Louisa Sewell. Meeting the Sewells offers the unique perspective of one of the first Black families to settle in Central Oregon. 

The short film is a collaboration with the High Desert Museum, Oregon Black Pioneers and North East Production. Educators are welcome to share this film with students and dive into Oregon history. View the complete short film and read guiding questions for your class. 

Food Gathering, First Foods and Food Sovereignty

This video and guide are resources for educators, at multiple grade levels, who might want to use First Foods: Roots and Berries with Warm Springs Traditional Gatherers, which features knowledge holders and culture keepers from The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs discussing food gathering, First Foods and food sovereignty.

Virtual Oregon Encounters

Begin your Oregon Encounters journey with an overview of the video series and some guiding questions including how Oregon’s history has shaped the state today.

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  • PreK-Grade 12
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Fireweed often grows in burned areas after a prescribed fire.

Thriving with Fire Coloring Pages

What thrives after a fire? Learn about three species from three different kingdoms (plant, animal and fungus) and appreciate their unique relationship to fire as you color.

Fired Up!_sm

Virtual Fired Up!

Join us as we take a brief dive into forest fires! Learn what a fire needs to burn, the role that fire plays in a forest and what makes a forest healthy. Hand on activities included!


Serpientes Silvestres con Natalie

Aprende sobre las serpientes salvajes, haz una marioneta de bolsa de papel y luego cuenta la tuya historia usándolo.

October - Jon (Brook)_crop

High Desert Animals Crossword Puzzle

How well do you know the animals that call the Museum home? Test your knowledge in this crossword puzzle.


Color and Shape Walk

Create a unique shape and color bracelet and then explore outside while identifying shapes and matching colors that you see.

two turtles on a log

Animal Sign Language

Are you ready to learn ASL — Animal Sign Language? Join as we explore a handful of American Sign Language signs reflecting the animals we care for at the High Desert Museum.


Volcanoes of Oregon

Explore the science behind the powerful forces that shape our landscape.

Erethizon dorsatum

Designs Inspired by Nature: Community Health Challenge

Nature has long ignited the imagination of engineers, designers and architects. It’s called biomimicry and you can learn more here!

blanket 3.11

Art and Our Stories

Learn about one of the works of art in the High Desert Museum’s collection and create your own art piece, recording your memories during this time.

small purple native wildflowers bloom on hillside under blue sky

Buzzing and Blossoming: Observing and Recording Spring Changes

Spring is here! Are you noticing more bird songs in the morning? Blooming flowers and tree buds in your neighborhood? Make observations of seasonal changes and record what you notice through art and writing.


Oregon Trail Reflections: Letitia Carson’s Story

Learn about one of Oregon’s earliest African American settlers, Letitia Carson, in this short video and educator resource, which offers suggestions for discussing this video with students or diving deeper at home.


Oregon Encounters

Begin your Oregon Encounters journey with an overview of the video series and some guiding questions including how Oregon’s history has shaped the state today.