Donald M. Kerr Birds of Prey Center

Donald M.
Kerr Birds
of Prey Center

Get a close-up look at some of nature’s most spectacular predators – owls, hawks, eagles, falcons and even vultures. There are Charisma the bald eagle, Nicholas the golden eagle, Luna the great horned owl and more birds of prey.

Twice a day during our Bird of Prey Encounters, our wildlife staff introduces you to one of the birds in our care and sheds light on their way of life in the High Desert. During spring break, experience raptors flying just overhead in our daily indoor flight program, Sky Hunters.

In the summer, don’t miss our daily Raptors of the Desert Sky program. Performed in a natural forest setting just north of the Miller Ranch at the Museum, this informative program has free-flying owls, hawks, falcons and vultures. Check the Daily Schedule for more information.

All of the animals cared for at the Museum cannot be released to the wild. Most of them were rescued after being injured and many cannot fly. Other animals rely on us just to survive because they never learned how to hunt or avoid predators. When people take young animals from their parents, these animals become “imprinted” on humans and can no longer survive in the wild. Please help us feed and care for them through our Adopt an Animal program. It makes a great gift!