Your COVID Stories

Your Stories: Life in the High Desert during COVID-19

Historians look to many sources to understand the past, including stories from people who lived through a significant historical event. Right now, we’re living through a unique and challenging historic moment. You can be part of helping future historians understand this event by telling your story. Museums play an important role too. Museums collect objects and stories, keeping them safe so they can be shared with future generations.

We’d like to learn more about how the COVID-19 pandemic is shaping your life. What is your day-to-day life like during COVID-19? How has your life changed? What are your biggest concerns and fears right now? What unique opportunities have emerged during this time? What do you think will be the long-term effects of this pandemic? How is your experience shaped by the place you call home? For those of you who call the High Desert home, what about your experience is particular to being in this region?

You’re welcome to take up these questions or others and share your responses with us in a variety of formats. You could submit:

  • An audio or video diary. If you select a video diary, please keep it to no more than around 5 minutes.
  • A written journal entry or letter.
  • A recorded interview. You can use your iPhone or Andriod device to record an interview. Here are a few suggestions that may be helpful in guiding your questions.
  • A photo diary.
  • A photo of a drawing, collage or other work of art.
  • A creative writing response, such as a poem or short story.
  • A photo of an object or set of objects. What object or objects should the Museum collect to represent life in the High Desert during COVID? While we are not accepting physical objects at the Museum or in the mail at this time, we’d love to see a photo of the object or objects that you’d recommend. Please include a few sentences explaining your selection.