Discovery Passes

Discovery Passes

Giving Back to the Community

The High Desert Museum is proud to offer its Discovery Pass program which provides free Museum admission to targeted youth and adult social service organizations throughout the Oregon High Desert community who may not otherwise be able to visit the Museum. The Discovery Pass program distributes free admission passes to nearly 10,000 Central Oregonians each year. We hope to provide community members with an opportunity to experience the Museum and to inspire stewardship of the natural and cultural resources of the High Desert.

How to Apply

If your youth or adult social service organization is interested in becoming part of the Discovery Pass Program, please contact us for an application.

Organizations supporting the following groups are encouraged to apply:

Under-resourced communities
Developmental Disabilities
At-risk children, teens, or adults
Victims of abuse or crime
Disadvantaged children, teens or adults
Recipients of non-profit social service support
Disabled, impaired or special needs

Non-qualifying organizations:

Public school class self-guided, guided or focus field trips
Home school group self-guided, guided or focus field trips

If your organization is already a participant in the program and would like to register for a visit, please call Nicole Swarts at 541-382-4754 ext. 273 or click contact us with the name of your group, number of visitors and day you wish to visit the Museum.

Please note the following ineligible uses of Discovery Pass tickets:

Using a pass to supplement partial payment for admission price.
Distributing passes as a “thank you” for services rendered, trade or payment from your organization.
Using passes as auction items in fundraisers. (The Museum will donate complimentary passes for fundraisers, please call for further information.)

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