Virtual Talk: Know Burn – Bringing Burning Man to the High Desert Museum

  • 05.27.20
    6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Through this Deschutes Public Library program, our curators share their experience creating the immersive art exhibition Infinite Moment: Burning Man on the Horizon.

Co-curators Laura Ferguson and Dustin Cockerham will share about the creation of Infinite Moment: Burning Man on the Horizon, an exhibition about the art and culture of Burning Man at the High Desert Museum. They’ll share their experience attending the event and the process of translating an enigmatic experience into an immersive gallery for visitors to explore and enjoy. The talk will highlight the unique, participatory nature of the art at Burning Man and how this inspired the pieces currently on display at the High Desert Museum.

This virtual event is prerecorded.

Laura Ferguson, Ph.D. is the senior curator of Western history at the High Desert Museum, and Dustin Cockerham is the chief exhibitions preparator at the High Desert Museum.