Start of weekly Thematic Living History programming

  •  06.20.23
     10:30 am - 4:00 pm


It’s summertime again at the High Desert Ranch and there is much to be done! You’re invited to lend a helping hand to these hardworking homesteaders. Each week this summer, the Ranch will focus on a unique aspect of High Desert life in 1904.

Occupations of the High Desert
Like today, non-Indigenous settlers of Central Oregon relied upon their occupations for survival. See ranchers, doctors, miners, bankers, loggers and homemakers hard at work building a life in the desert.

Preparing for Winter
Sure it’s sunny and warm today, but the winter is never too far off. The summer months of bounty are the perfect time to ensure you are prepared for the dark snowy days of winter. Help in preparing the root cellar, stacking firewood or making candles.

Water at the Ranch
When you live in the desert, water is precious! How did homesteaders use their well water effectively to the last drop? Try doing the laundry and learn about bathing routines of the turn of the century.

Leisure Time
While there is always plenty of work to be done, there are those rare moments of relaxation. Homesteaders enjoyed hobbies and games, from singing to hoops and graces. And, with enough ingredients, there may be a scoop of ice cream or two!







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