Lazinka Sawmill

Experience the Lazinka Sawmill!

See an authentic sawmill used at the turn of the 20th century to process wood with an enormous blade slicing through thick Oregon timber.

In its original form, the mill was located at the Robert Lazinka homestead in Pilot Rock, Oregon. It turned out thousands of board feet a month until the late 1920s. This single-saw cirque mill was driven by steam power.

The Lazinka sawmill is still operational. It now runs on electricity and requires a big High Desert Museum crew to operate. We use it to mill lumber for the barn at our recreated 1904 High Desert Ranch, running it once a month during the summer months. Check our Events Calendar to find out when you can see the Lazinka sawmill work its magic and feel it rumble beneath your feet.

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sawmill being operated by three men in turn-of-the-century clothing