Museum Moments

Museum Moments

Meet the people who work behind the scenes at the High Desert Museum, and learn something new from our  Museum Moments series.

Who left these footprints? It’s Whose Clues! Check out this Museum Moment as our Associate Curator of Education Kelsey discovers a few clues and helps unravel a mystery.

We’re collecting stories about how the COVID-19 pandemic is shaping your life. Join our Senior Curator of Western History as she shares stories from our community.

Are you ready to learn ASL — Animal Sign Language? Join us as we explore a handful of American Sign Language signs reflecting the animals we care for at the High Desert Museum.

What was life like on a High Desert homestead for kids? Jack is visiting his aunt at the Miller ranch. Get a glimpse of his busy day that includes lots of chores and a little bit of play!

The Museum has a talented staff with diverse backgrounds from environmental science to wildlife care. Three staff members, all named Kelsey, answer your questions!

Let’s take a walk and see if we can find inspiration from nature to help us solve a current problem. How can we remember to social distance when we see friends and family? Biomimicry can help!

Bring the miniature world into focus in this Museum Moment with Curator of Education Carolyn. She shares the perfect activity to get you exploring nature right outside your door.

In this Museum Moment, Associate Curator of Wildlife Miahna introduces us to the magnificent great horned owl. She also explains the importance of the phrase, “if you care, leave it there.”

Have you ever wondered how the bronze sculptures on the Museum grounds stay so bright and shiny! Our Collections Manager will show you how!

Curator of Wildlife Jon Nelson shares the importance of citizen science with iNaturalist, a social network of naturalists, citizen scientists and biologists.

It’s laundry day and when we say day, we mean week! Join Mrs. Miller as she soaks, mends, cleans, dries and irons the laundry.

We check in with Mrs. Miller at the 1904 Miller Family Ranch and she shares her memories of a smallpox outbreak in nearby Prineville.

The snowmelt is filling our streams and rivers. Here, Educator Erica walks us through the natural process of erosion and deposition using a stream table.

Why do museums collect objects? Join Senior Curator of Western History Laura Ferguson, Ph.D. in the vault as she talks about the Museum’s collection.

Transport yourself to the sunny Museum grounds and Miller Family Ranch to meet Nellie Redon, the Irish emigrant who married a Mexican vaquero and took on the High Desert cattle industry.

We’re all wishing for more time to play in the Museum exhibit Infinite Moment: Burning Man on the Horizon. Here’s a virtual peek! Meet two of the leaders behind the exhibit, Dustin and Gus.

The birds are taking over this Museum Moment! Curator of Wildlife Jon Nelson introduces us to two magnificent Harris’s hawks. See them fly and hear about their amazing adaptations.

Live from HDM, it’s Thursday afternoon! Check out another Museum Moment as our head of collections Sarah introduces us to the history of Smokey Bear and a different version of the beloved character.

On the last day of March, we snuck into the Desertarium and got a tour from Associate Curator of Wildlife Kelsey. If you don’t love reptiles now, you will after you watch this piece!

Enjoy this Museum Moment with Natalie from our education team. She gives a sweet bilingual lesson all about porcupines. PLUS there’s a special appearance from our friend Tumbleweed!

Watch our first Facebook Live “Museum Moment” with educator Kelsey, walking us through making our very own Andy Goldsworthy-inspired nature art.

In this Museum Moment, Museum educator Erica shares the amazing adaptations of the great horned owl. Plus she leaves us with an art project.

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