Under the Snow

Under the Snow

December 17, 2022 through May 7, 2023

Explore a hidden world in the immersive and bilingual exhibit, Under the Snow.

In the depth of winter, a deep layer of snow quiets the High Desert’s forests. But under the surface, a secret world has come to life. In the subnivium environment, animals create a matrix of tunnels to survive the winter’s frigid temperatures and hide from the predators that lurk above. Using interactive graphics, you and your family will meet the species that depend on the snow, including a resilient mammal named Pika, an observant owl called Great Gray and a fruiting fungus known as Fuzzy Foot.

Under the Snow is offered in both Spanish and English!

Open through May 7, 2023

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In this virtual experience, meet the critters in this underground world and explore the original Museum exhibit Under the Snow in English and Spanish. 

“The exhibit’s interactive elements are going to offer an engaging experience that transports people into this hidden winter world. Under the Snow will encourage people to consider the snow as a source of habitat when they’re out on the slopes or just driving over the mountain pass.”

 – Donald M. Kerr Curator of Natural History Hayley Brazier

Under the Snow

Explore un mundo oculto en la exhibición interactiva y bilingüe, Under the Snow.

En pleno invierno, una profunda capa de nieve aquieta los bosques del Desierto Alto. Pero bajo la superficie, un mundo secreto ha cobrado vida. En el entorno del subnivium, los animales crean una matriz de túneles para sobrevivir a las gélidas temperaturas del invierno y esconderse de los depredadores que acechan arriba. Con gráficos interactivos, usted y su familia conocerán las especies que dependen de la nieve, incluido un mamífero resiliente llamado Pika, un búho observador llamado Great Gray y un hongo fructífero conocido como Fuzzy Foot.

¡Under the Snow se ofrece en español y en inglés!

Abierto hasta el 7 de mayo de 2023

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