Website Requests

Website Request Form

Please fill out the forms below to request website-related needs from our Communications Manager, Katie Gilbert.

Katie Gilbert – Communications Manager

Please submit your website requests ideally two weeks before your final delivery date. Katie may follow up with questions. If you have multiple requests, please submit them separately. 

This form is meant for the creation of webpages and major updates to webpages. For example, please submit this form if…

  • You need a webpage created for a new Museum program, exhibition or event that is not in the Happenings Newsletter.
  • You need an additional webpage created on top of the event page on the website’s calendar.
  • You need Katie to update descriptions and Altru links for Educational programs such as Kids Camp or Backpack Explorers.
  • You need sponsors changed for any Museum event, exhibition or program. This request requires help from Euijin, the Museum’s Graphic Designer, and may take a few days.
  • You need a registration link made live at a certain time (Kids Camp, $20 Dollar Art Show).

If you have a quick fix that needs to be made (you notice an incorrect date, a photo needs to be updated, a link isn’t working…etc.), email Katie at

Thank you!